Walking Saas-Fee / Saas Valley

If you stay at the Hotel Mattmarkblick, you will receive the citizens pass in summer

  • With the citizens pass you can discover the Saas Valley comfortably and free of charge with the railways and with the postbuses.


Wellness and fun trail on Kreuzboden above Saas-Grund. Light trail of about 45 minutes.


This very interesting way up to Saas-Almagell was built by the Bergsteigerschule Saastal and is between Furggstalden and the Almagelleralp.


Heidbodmen can easily be reached by lift. From there, an easy path takes you to the Furggalpe on to to Furggstalden. The hike takes about 1 1/2 hours.


A wide loop road to the dam of Mattmark. It is an easy walk and takes about 2 1/2 hours.


This new cable car was in December 2016 opened . In Spielboden you can find many marmottes.


Plattjen is one of the must loved places from the Capricorns, an alpine way goes from there to the Briatanniahuette with splendid vue over the Saas valley.


The Hannigalp is the sunny terrace from the Saas valley and a paradise for bikers, hikers and walkers. A very attractive way is the Wuryelweg to the Café Alpenblick.


The cable car to Felskinn goes up to 3000 m from Felskinn you start the walk to the Britanniahuette this alpine walk is a highlight in summer and in winter.


Metro Plus Ticket

With the Metro plus ticket zou can reach the Mittelallalin in summer, The price is CHF 45.00 and you can use it during all time your stay.


With the Metro Alpin, the world highest underground cable car, you reach the Mitelallin. On the top on 3500 m you find the turning restaurant. Also you find there the biggest ice pavillon.


Hohsaas is also included in the Buergerpass and here you habe a marvellous sight on the Mischabelkette and the Monte Rosa with 18 mountains from more than 4000 metres.